Selected Projects


To work on interiors means primarily to understand the sense of the space in order to achieve the scope that is fixed. When realizing interiors, the architect is often confronted to given spaces whose proportions are the result of various choices and interventions. These could be considered a restriction for the development of a project. I always tend to regard them as a challenge.


Being usually subject to a swift conception and execution, the work for a fair stand concentrates within a short time many actors around the topic of the show. The result is a temporary physical space, whose experience should instead remain with the visitor for a long time. This makes the conception of the fair stand one of my favourite project topics.


Exhibiting means offering the visitor an opportunity to discover or better understand the sense of the objects or topics on display. The exhibitions I realize are mainly design related. I usually work on a narrative basis, organizing the space around a story. The key elements of the story provide the structural spine for the exhibition and its composing elements such as displays, colours, lighting, and graphics.


The medium is a basic and fundamental way of communicating content. I usually start a communication project with an idea related to a representation technique or a medium, developing it even if the outcome seems unpredictable. My design process tries to combine a clear and coherent brand identity with my individual experience of it.


This section hosts a set of mixed media representations done in the past or which I am working on today. It shows my way of inquiring and representing objects, architectures and landscapes.